Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool vs. Key Tool Max


Hello, currently I have Vvdi mini key tool and mini obd tool, I’ve had the key tool mini for 12 months and the free tokens expire soon, does the key tool max do more than the key tool mini or should I just buy another key tool mini with a year of free tokens?
We don’t do many keys mainly just make spare keys for cars we sell at work.


VVDI Key tool max and mini key tool has the same remote capacities (generate remote/chip, clone remote/chip etc)
The keytool max is way better then the mini key tool.
It’s a lot easier then using your phone with the mini keytool.
If you don’t do that many id48 then the free tokens is not a big deal. You can get bonus points for generating remotes and then just use the bonus points to pay for the id48. and it’s only $8 if you don’t have and bonus points. so you may fine that the free id48 is not a big deal at all.
Moreover,  the Max has a screen. It can control mini prog, mini obd and dolphin/condor key cutting machines, mini key tool does not.
Vvdi Mini Key Tool Vs Key Tool Max