How to get Xhorse Bonus Points from VVDI Remotes?

How to get bonus points from VVDI Remote?

Bonus points comes only from remotes, cannot be purchased. you can only buy tokens.
You can get

25 points from remote with cable ,

40 points from wireless remote

and 60 points from universal smart key, the point will be record in your device once you use it at the first time.
Remotes can be coded, decode /prepare many times but points you can take from remote only once.

If you use VVDI BE Key pro, you will get 200 points for free. But the bonus points can be used to exchange to token for VVDI MB online password calculation only.


How to check the Xhorse Points?

The bonus points can be stored on the Xhorse points server by using Xhorse Upgrade Kit software.


The bonus points can be easily checked from the Xhorse Customer self-service system .


FAQ VVDI Bonus Points System:

Q1: Can anyone explain what the Bonus Points Reward System is please?

Are there any further expenses to be paid to Xhorse after the initial purchase of the vvdi key tool (other than extra remotes and chips)?

For example is there an annual fee for the latest software updates?

The bonus point system is meant to reward you with points each time you use the Xhorse remotes.

Once you accumulate enough points they can be exchanged for freebies or money of software authorizations for other Xhorse programmers etc.

Q2: Does the Remote have region limitation?
A2: One thing to be aware of though regards these remotes.
All English version remotes can be used for all overseas device (Except India(in) Malaysia(ma)/China(cn)version), such as Europe(eu)North American(na) they can use the same version remotes.

Q3: Update for free except the extra remotes and chips?
A3: As it stand at the moment, there is no fees associated with using the tool, and all updates are free.

Q4: VVDI Key tool Clone 48 96bit authorization
A4: The only thing that you will need to pay for (if you want this function once released for key tool) is the 96bit ID48 cloning.

Keytool user can buy a Clone 48 96bit since 1.04.2018

1500 free points for calculations , this same as VVDI2

since 1.04.2018 all users who have 48 96 bit activations in VVDI2 can combinate Keytool + VVDI2 and use Keytool to clone 48 as well.

Q5: How much points does VVDI Remote function give you?
A5: From Xh remote with cable you get 25 bonus points, from Xh-wireless remote you get 40 bonus points.

Q6:How to collect the point? Mine Is always collecting 0 points.
maybe somebody use your remote before you get it ?
A6: once you generate points from remote – you can not get it again simple check points via Upgrate Kit.



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