Does VVDI Key Tool Max Send Free ID48 96bit Cloning and Tokens?

VVDI Mini Key Tool comes with free ID48 96bit cloning license and 1 free token each day for 1 year. What about the VVDI Key Tool Max and token?



Key Tool Max does send free ID48 96bit license, but pay attention to the following requirements:

1.) ID48 96bit cloning license cannot be purchased for key tool max.

2.) You should register Xhorse App, choose version and combine key tool max with other VVDI tools.

3). Only after you consumed any 10 xhorse remotes and get bonus points from Xhorse app,  the license will be free activated.

To enable COPY 48 acivation , 10 new remotest must be generate
No matter if they are Wire remote, NXP remote, Smart key, or Super



4) Key Tool Max ID48 96bit license DOES NOT send 1 free token each day. You should purchase token separately.


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