Unknown Differences Between VVDI Mini Key Tool and Key Tool

The author collected four users’ experience using Mini Key tool and Key tool, and share with you the unknown differences between the two products.


  1. The old VVDI Key Tool is a canceled product already.


  1. VVDI MINI Key tool or VVDI key tool?

Depend on what you want to do
VVDI MINI Key tool has one free copy per day on ID48 96bit but doesn’t have remote unlock functions.
For chip copy and chip generation is better to buy VVDI MINI Key tool and Handy Baby and KD X2 and Tango.
if you want to work professionally you can’t work only with one of them.


  1. Question: Didn’t someone mention here that it is possible to combine the old KeyTool with the new KeyTool Mini (which has activated 1 year license) and this way activate ID48 96-bit cloning on the old KeyTool too?
    Does it also obtain Mini’s ability to have one free token each day when it’s combined this way? Thus sharing a token between both tools…

Answer: I got my mini keytool pre-activated with the ID48 clone function from the factory and it is strictly one token per day, not transferable.


  1. Xhorse APP Have tech support online inlc. vvdi keytool

Let’s read the claim from Xhorse Company:

Dear Xhorse customers: As many customer requirement about the vvdi keytool version , Xhorse company decide to transfer all NA version to GL version in this week , like this all customer can generate the Prox key, but if any customer still want keep his version in NA , please go to the Xhorse app ‘online service’ to find Xhorse after sales people for talk about that.


vvdi mini key tool unable to read some chips and smart keys

regular key tool reads fine………..

they discontinued the good one for a weaker product

mini key tool wouldn’t even detect a lexus gs350 smart key today…..

grabbed the regular key tool and read it fine and cloned it no problem onto lkp02 for spare dummy key

mini reads and clones most stuff just fine

but it doesn’t even see some others

I even took the smart key board out of the case to try to get it closer to the coil in mini key tool and still wouldn’t even detect it
From @sleepyrz (DK Veteran)


***As for “mini wouldn’t even detect a lexus gs350 smart key”, Xhorse engineer is contacting him to solve.


To be upgrading…