Xhorse Toyota XM Smart Key RAV4 2015 Engine Starts Remote Not Working?

I tried to use the Xhorse Toyota XM smart key for a Rav4 2015 (8A transponder) 312.10-313.10 MHz but just work start engine touching start button with the key, remote functions do not work, is any option for this dual frequency?  Is not in xhorse key tool max any option for xm key 312.1-313.1 frequency.  xm key is 8A transponder and is possible learn it to the car, remote do not work.

Xhorse Key Tool Max Rav4 2015 Remote

Tips & Solution:
You can customize Xhorse XM proximity frequency in this path:
Special function/VVDI remote function/XM smart key customization 


Tips to generate Xhorse XM smart remote:

  1. Read original key chip, make sure it is the same type as XM transponder
  2. Read original key frequency, make sure it is the same as XM smart key
  3. Remove the battery from original key during the programming process
  4. Put the original key to the Start button, once beep, change XM smart key (with battery) to Start button within 5s
  5. Remove XM key, if XM key indicator flashes, programming succeeded, otherwise program XM smart key again.


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