VVDI Key Tool Plus 2019 Toyota RAV4 Remote Not Working Solution


Did an Add smart key on a USA 2019 RAV4 HV with FBC “AA” key, we made an XM38 universal key on 0351, using it to start the backup function, xhorse vvdi key tool plus succeeded to backup immo-data by obd. later we proceeded with adding key, the universal didn’t beep, but we had an FBC aftermarket which did beeped. Xhorse said programming successful. but the car was dead, dashboard lights were going crazy saying “parking break fault”, and original key stopped working.
Turns out that the tech programmed with 7-8V on the car’s battery, both keys were properly turning on dash, just the lights were weird because of low voltage, THOUGH…
After jumping the car, the parking break was able to be released, but both the new and old remotes stopped working on the doors, proximity and transponder kept working fine.

Is anyone familiar with a function of re-syncing the remote function?




On some of the newer pg4 AA AA key will program but the remote section stop working.
Solution for these issue is you need to marry the ecu to the steering lock. You need to set the smart button to the on position. On your programmer there is a ecu program button> that button will give you 2 option (steering lock or remote start) select steering lock it going to ask to turn the smart button (which you did) next ask you to wave one register smart key by the button. Once you hear it beep you’re done. (Driver door is open through all these) REMEMBER TO TURN OFF THE IGNITION WITH THE DOOR CLOSED. To test your remote section. So many people panic, just a naughtier day!