Xhorse XM38 Toyota RAV4 2020 Remote Not Working?


I’m trying to add a Xhorse XM38 smart key to a 2020 RAV4 using vvdi Key tool plus. I was able to backup eeprom data and program the key, but the only way to start the vehicle was by holding down the power button with the remote key. The remote wasn’t working either but I modified the frequency and got it to work. Does anyone know if I’m supposed to modify anything else in order to get the key to start the vehicle without having to push start with the key in button?  I tried 315 and it didn’t work. 312.11 and 314.35 worked.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Toyota Rav4 2020 Xm38 1

Possible Solutions:


The frequency is still not right, that’s why, try modify it.

Just changed frequency like original remote.



Another possibility is change the prox power settings.


Proximity power setting- last line on modifying Toyota Smart key is signal strength.
The lower the number, stronger the signal.
0 being most strongest and 6 being the weakest.

Some people changed the signal strength after that it will work good.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Toyota Rav4 2020 Xm38 2Vvdi Key Tool Plus Toyota Rav4 2020 Xm38 3


You gotta add another key use another universal smart key to add a second key you can always reuse key again.