VVDI MB Renew W212 ISM Timeout Error?


I am trying to virgin a Mercedes Benz w212 2014 ISM with Xhorse VVDI MB Tool but when i try to read it i get “Start transfer/receive data……. time out” and it doesn’t read gets stuck at 5%. This is the second ISM with the same error.
This is my setup and cable i am using.

I am supplying the unit with 12 volt supply.
VVDI MB W212 Renew Ism Timeout 1VVDI MB W212 Renew Ism Timeout 2VVDI MB W212 Renew Ism Timeout 3VVDI MB W212 Renew Ism Timeout 4
Some W212 can be FBS4 system. Last FBS 3 are 1852
DSM may be the FBS4 system. vvdi mb/any tool won’t recognize FBS4.

The only solution is to disassemble and copy the Motorola.
It will be able to renew d file if you can read the Motorola with xhorse vvdi prog after disassembly.
Give it a try.

Continental (DSM)
Vvdi Prog Benz Dsm Pinout
Siemens (ISM)
Vvdi Prog Benz Ism Pinout