How to Register VVDI Key Tool App (After Server Upgrade )

Some Xhorse users reported they cannot receive email validation code when register app follow previous registration guide.



Here’s the new instruction to register VVDI Key tool after server upgrade in Oct. 2018

(or when you need to exchange token)


Xhorse put offline the registry with email, now you need to make your registry with your phone number:

Step 1: Connect VVDI KeyTool to PC and run the UPGRADE KIT, select BINDING


Step 2: Website will open and you need to change to ENGLISH and than click in REGISTER


Step 3:

New window will open and you need to fullfil what website is asking and you will see system will ask about your phone number and zone you live, and that’s it!


The verification code can have a little delay to send, but he come.

Hope it helps.