(Solved) Xhorse VVDI Key Tool ID46 Not Support After Upgrade


After upgrading the VVDI Key Tool to V2.3.0, it turns to Chinese firmware and language. The 46 chip is not supporting any more, is there any replaced chip for it ? I followed your advice to downgrade it to version 2.2.2. Now it is in English language and works. Thanks. But the ID46 chip copy still not work.  It gave me error “This chip not support now, please use VVDI special chip”. I am using Xhorse Vvdi Key Tool 46 Transponder Cloneable. 
vvdi-key-tool-cannot-copy-id46-1 vvdi-key-tool-cannot-copy-id46-2
You properly used the old Xhorse ID46 chip to clone. The old 46 transponder is not compatible with VVDI Key Tool now. You need to buy new Xhorse ID46 transponder chip.