How to Prevent the risk of CAS3++ Istap Failure using VVDI2 via OBD

Question: What is the best way of preventing the risk of CAS3++ Istap failure when programming key via OBD only?
Using xhorse vvdi2 only.



Suggestion from whom have done many VVDI2 CAS3++:


1) Continuous 13 volts with a voltage stabilizer.

2) Voltage  it’s one thing you need to consider.

3) Voltage… I done lots off them no problems

4) The voltage drop can be the reason it fails.

5) Voltage is the biggest thing. Best way to do it is on the bench to be safe.

6)  The best way to prevent an issue with the downgrade is to not do it via OBD. Or pull the CAS out and read/save the eeprom prior…. It takes 5-10 minutes to do with some practice. Read CAS with programmer .. make key .. put all back ..job done ..

7) Make backup eeprom and flash via vvdi prog programer and than do downgrade or what ever you want



So if you need to do with VVDI2 via OBD. Go and get a battery stabilizer. It will work.

The best way is to backup eeprom and write key on bench.


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