Xhorse VVDI2 “Remaining 30 Days Synchronization” Error

Question: I got my vvdi2 today I download and installed software and the working perfect

the massage I don’t understand is remaining 30 days synchronization please I need explanation.




Actually, you don’t need to care it. This is for users to have a new version so that they can receive the update information timely.


In details:

-The number of days is from 30 to 0, display in a circle.


-It means that the VVDI2 unit is synchronized with the Xhorse factory once per month (30 days)


– When it turns to be “0 days”, the VVDI2 will automatically synchronized with the Xhorse.


Network connection is required to synchronization.


– Once synchronized, vvdi2 would get update information from the Xhorse server. And “remaining synchronization time” will back to “30 days”.


– The days are none business of the authorization service.