VVDI2 4.8.0 “Communication with Server Failed” Update Error

I would like to update my xhorse vvdi2 in last version 4.8.0/4.8.1 but impossible by update tool.

My remaining synchronization Time is 0 days !

I download in the support the last version, now i have error vvdi2 can’t find.

vvdi2-480-update-error-1 vvdi2-480-update-error-2

Maybe it’s server issue. You cannot reach Xhorse engineers these days because they are all on vocation and will be back in next Monday (Dec. 18th, 2017).

If you need to solve the problem urgently, try following:
If your VVDI2 has error “communication fault with server(5) “, try to switch to 3G mobile and try again, don’t use wifi or landline network.

If still doesn’t work, need absolutely use update tool in first before synchronize with the server if your remaining synchronization time is 0 days !