How to Use BMW CAS4 Cable for VVDI Prog Without Removing Components? rolls out a new cable for Xhorse vvdi prog programmer to read BMW CAS4 1N45H 5M48H immobilizer data without removing components.


Advantages of the BMW CAS4 cable:

  • No remove¬†components. No welding.
  • Prevent data loss
  • Easy to¬†use.



How to use the BMW CAS4 adapter?

This auxiliary clip is divided into: adapter cable (for VVDI PROG) , A clip, B clip
A clip and B clip (Before using the auxiliary clip, you need to use a blade to remove the glue on the contact surface to prevent poor contact between the probe and the circuit board.)
Operation Diagram:


Note: This auxiliary clip reads CAS4 data without welding, but lengthens the length of the wiring harness. Some types of CAS require multiple attempts to read out.
It is recommended to try 3-5 times (the data will not be lost). If you can’t read the data repeatedly, please use the traditional wiring method.