Xhorse VVDI2 is the best for MINI R56 and F56 (CAS3, +, ++ and FEM)

Purpose: to make keys for CAS3, CAS3+ and ++


Confusion: sometimes MINIs are different on some things, because I haven’t tools for keys (I just have VVDI Prog).


Question: VVDI2, Lonsdor, HTAG Pro which tools for keys?


Tools for keys and how to’s:

the trick is when cas is encrypted . why mini are complicated is because of location of cas on these cars .

when cas is encrypted you need to downgrade cas . you can downgrade it by obd but probably you will kill it . so in this case you need to read cas on bench and do keys for the car .

taking cas out is a 2 hours job on minis , cas is located on the upper side of dash ..

as for the tools I use Xhorse vvdi2 .. works great.


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Good luck.