Xhorse Ford ID49 “Remote Hardware Version is too Low” Solution


 I tried to generate this remote for a 2018 f150 blade key with xhorse vvdi key tool max but I get this message when I try to generate. I am using a 4-button wireless remote XNFO01EN.
“Remote hardware version is too low”

Xhorse 2018 F150 Wireless Remote 1 Xhorse 2018 F150 Wireless Remote 2 Xhorse 2018 F150 Wireless Remote 3


First of all better check remote version. Go to Special function–VVDI remote function–detect remote.


Solution 1:

People have used the proximity xhorse (flip style) before to generate that ID49 for ford and it worked as perfectly as the original. Those specific ford keys need the mqb style xhorse proximity key. FYI, Mazda fobs are also ID49, which xhorse can generate. Xhorse can’t generate 49 on standalone chips and remotes with built-in super chips. Proximity are different.


User feedback: I did this job 3 times and worked pretty fine.
Xhorse 2018 F150 Wireless Remote 5


Solution 2:

Xhorse cannot generate id49. No change to generate on XN or XE. The new super chip is supposed to be able to do id49.

it’s the xhorse official list of chips it can generate.  it’ll be able to be generated with the new XT27B Super Chip.

To generate this remote you need NEW NXP remote with Xt27B chip.

Super Chip Xt27b Xhorse


Solution 3:

Best to simply use OEM even used key, swap blade, program directly in since, they do not lock.