Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Program 2020 Ford Transit ID49 Key

New positive feedback of xhorse vvdi key tool plus pad. It has successfully coded a 2020 Ford Transit ID49 Hitag Pro using Xhorse MQB smart remote.



1. Generate ID49 remote with vvdi mini key tool using MQB smart remote under this option (Transit 2016+ ID49 433)

Vvdi Key Tool Plus 2020 Ford Transit ID49 2

2. Program smart key with key tool plus.

Menu path: Ford – China- model selection – Transit – Add key – Ignition on.

1% password is being read, wait patiently, it takes 4-5 minutes on average. If failed to read password, turn on ignition and repeat from the beginning. As soon as it starts, the password could not be deciphered Err – 15, it gave the error again, I switched the ignition off and open the device, I remove the OBD. Starts again, it reads from 1% to 100%.

Then turn on ignition with the key to be programmed, coding ok. Then add more keys.


Vvdi Key Tool Plus 2020 Ford Transit ID49 1

Also did a Transit 2018 with Xhorse key as well.


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