Ford Kuga ID49 Xhorse Key Not Working After Programming??

Problem: I have generated Ford Kuga 2014 KeylessGo ID49 with vvdi key tool plus pad but the xhorse universal smart key will not start even with the original key. Any ideas?
Ford Kuga Xhorse Key Not Working 1

Ford Kuga Xhorse Key Not Working 2

Ford Kuga Xhorse Key Not Working 3

Ford Kuga Xhorse Key Not Working 4


With Ford you have to add a program key and not delete all the keys and reprogram. Because if the new key fails you lose the original valid key because the electronic heart has at least 2 keys.
You need to have a minimum 2 key on system.
If the Xhorse key not working so now you need to program minimum 2 keys, because you have deleted also the missing key and it shows the error code, because now is only 1 key on the system ( 1 original key) so PATS not working with only 1 key.
So there is 3 option:
1) if the key is 4d then just generate vvdi super chip and it on key spot and it is working
2) if there is id47 or id49 then need to be an original key. Buy an original key until and program ok.
I’ve done an all keys lost on ford taurus 13 i even programed 2 keys to it using super chip but it wasn’t working at the end i programmed 1 original and 1 super chip deactivated the anti theft with the vvdi remote that way worked perfectly.