How to Program VW PASSAT B6 2008 key with VVDI2

A Russian customer has successfully programmed new keys on a VW PASSAT B6 year 2008 by using VVDI2 VAG key programmer.  Here are some tips and photos attached.


First he bought a 433 MHz key, the usual key (not KEYLESS) in the dealer’s office (without a guarantee that will work, because cars are not new and xs as that changed).

In order to program the key we need to get a dump from the comfort module, it’s BCM.
To do this, you need to remove the glove box kit, and this is 5 screws (TORX T15) on top and 5 from below (torx t15 + 1.torx t20) /
He was very surprised how good everything was done.


The glove box kit is removed. And we see a box of comfort, screwed on two plastic nuts on the 10th. We remove the first protective case (otherwise we can not remove the chips), and remove the box by hand.
Then we take apart ERPROM, we remove a dump. We collect, put everything in the reverse order …
Test drive the car, make sure that everything is correct and we are already working on OBDII.



Read eeprom dump data with vvdi prog programmer


Now the task is to pull out the PIN code and secret 7 bytes of security code.





All is successful. New immobilizer key has been programmed by VVDI2.
Then adapt Remote control and all.