Mercedes W204 Key Being Initialised Not Start Engine??


I have problem with one Mercedes W204, tried program new key with VVDI BE key pro 1.2, CGDI BE key, KYDZ BE key, but still fail….
After key insert, ELV unlock OK,
turn position 1 OK, dash on, audio on.
turn position 2 ~~ dash show “The key is being initialised please wait”, unable to start engine.

Only the current two keys are still working to start and drive car.
Tried read EIS, wipe EIS, renew and activate EIS, read EIS then generate new key files, then program keys to all other 6 key slots,
All those new 6 keys are able to unlock ELV, but all fail to start engine.

When turn to key position2, dash show “the key is being initialised please wait”
According to Xentry need to wait 80min, some said need to wait 8 hours.

If replace EIS, will it able to fix it ?




Finally I have fixed this kind of problem.


Programmed 8 new keys to all slots, all working and drive.

On W204 you can be sure VVDI BE key will work. They work great with these cars – no any problems.
Re-program new key to used key slot also working without any problems.
Renewed eis elv and programmed new keys also working.
Tested with VVDI MB BE and CGDI BE key all are good.

The best way, renew ECU TCU EIS ESL, write EIS with old/new EIS data, then learn drive authorization.
You need C4 SD connect.


Credit to Mr. babeh from DK.