2004 VW Tourage all keys lost, how to program key using VVDI2?

I was working a 2004 vw tourage, none original key could not program it, i had the pin and cs and no luck. we purchased the new original key from dealer and still no luck. is this a 4th generation immo? i am kind of new to vw key programming. I have tried that, and just regular key programming it opens the cluster, dash, and starts and dies. after turning the key in to off position, it won’t turn the cluster on, the steering is locked also. when I leave the ignition key in the on position, i can access engine control module, kessy also. I don’t know what else to do. any ideas how to get this keys programmed????? i have 2, original and aftermarket. this is a all keys lost situation.



From one User:

Your transponder PRECODING not correct. Must show DEALER key as “YES” then it will work.


From Xhorse engineer:

When using Xhorse VVDI2 to program 2004 vw tourage with 4th generation immo, Phaeton and A8 with K-line immo. In the first step, it prompts to pull out the key and insert it again, please do not pull out the key, just close and open is okay. When learning the key, please follow the prompts to operate, when you hear the ELS/ELV unlocking sound, please insert the dealer key that is generated. It won’t have prompts like 1-2, if the dashboard is not lit, turn the key continuously. After learning complete, to try to start the car, if failed, wait the key lit the dashboard for 5 minutes and start again.