Will Xhorse VVDI Prog Read or Clone BMW MSV90 DME?



Can’t find pin out for cloning or reading isn MSV90. I have the Bosch ecu adapter i see online people use adapters with this cable set but I can’t find where to connect with pinout ok vvdi prog.



if VVDI Not support msv90 why do they you sell the adapter set that say for msv90, I’m thinking must select different number but same as msv90?




vvdi-prog does not support msv90 reading nor cloning even with the msv90 cable set.

But the cable set is verified working on B38 N20 DMEs.



Here’s the wiring diagram to MSV90 DME

Module 1, PIN 21 and 37 – 12V
Module 1, PIN 16 – Ground
Module 1, PIN 48 – CAN-L
Module 1, PIN 47 – CAN-H


CGDI AT-200, Yanhua ACDP, Autohex ii can read/write MSV90 no problem.