Which Xhorse Remote to Make Seat Leon 5F non Kessy Key with VVDI2?


I tried to make Seat Leon 5F non Kessy Key with VVDI2 vag.
I did read immo data and it is OK.

I buy few XEMQB1EN Keys but i cannot make it work.

If I use Transponder Programmer and choose Proximity remote  (i know they can also work on non Kessy mqb) and select VW Golf 7 MQB or any other i get this message:
“not find VVDI proximity remote! 2 require normal proximity remote,. It XM proximity remote!

If i use Transpoder Porgrammer and choose Super remote, there is no matching Car for me.

If i select prepare super remote there is no MQB cars, only older cars.

But there I can make remotes without error but i cannot use them for my Car. Any idea?




Wrong Xhorse remote.

You need XSMQB1EN to generate this remote.