Can VVDI Key Tool Max Generate Ford 128bit Transponder?

Can the vvdi key tool max generate the 128 bit transponder for 2018 F150?  can it clone it? Or it won’t even touch 128 bit? My best bet be to go with OEM? Tried digging around and couldn’t find any info on it really.
Xhorse engineer said the key tool max cannot generate or clone them using xhorse super chip xt27. Use OEM or refurb only.
Some customer did it. It need luck. You are at your risk.
Customer working experience:
It did work for me last time I used it.
It can generate 128 bit for id49 chips.
On the ford 80 bit and the new 128 bit I have found that if you first convert the superchip from an 63 to a 83 and then generate the 80 or 128 bit chip.
That’s how I have gotten it to work.
Vvdi Key Tool Max Ford 128bit
tried few times 128 bit and didn’t, only OEM worked. 40 and 80 bit works.
Test generating ID49 for Ford with super chip, if it doesn’t work you need to get ID 49 original Ford.