How to Avoid Xhorse Dolphin/Condor Probe Breaking Problem

Sometimes your Xhorse Dolphin or Condor key cutting machine will break probes when it tries to decode key blades.  Here’s the useful tips to solve or avoid probe breaking problem.
Xhorse Dolphin Hon58R Blade

1). Update the app and software. Keep app and software up-to-date.


Check if battery is good. Make sure the charger it’s not connected and keep a good backup amount just in case.


 Always clean key blade well before decoding. Probe knows it is touching the key by an electrical circuit being completed, if you break a tip itsa because the circuit didn’t complete, dirt is the reason.

And always have 5 or 10 probes in stock. The xhorse key cutting machine uses electric current to detect the blade, if it has dirt or grease on the blade, it will break.

The blade is too dirty and has no electrical conductivity.Or the key blank isn’t clear enough. Clean it with alcohol first.

Xhorse Condor Probe
4). Recalibrate the machine.  Calibrate it again when you get the new one and will make sure about the blade.
5). Make sure the machine is shaving free too, they work off electrical conductivity.
Do a conductivity test/ electrical conductivity measurement to roughly test which is abnormal, probe or cuter. The probe decodes keys using electrical conduction and sometimes the probe gets light surface rust preventing it from reading your key properly. There is also a conductivity test under the Device Information tab on the app.

6).Reduce speed sometimes, reduce the movement speed to see if it helps.


7).  It may be that the ground wire inside the machine is broken.

Sometimes, there’s a ground cable that needs to be replaced. That’s the one that detects, but this need replace only when prob breaks all the time. You need to open the machine and change it.
Check instruction here
8). You can also get xhorse key reader to save probes.  Take the optical reader it prevents breaking guides.
Check instruction here
In sum:
How to avoid probe breaks?

1. Always clean well the keys before use it.
2. Make sure clamp is calibrated.
3. Make sure the machine is shaving free too, they work off electrical conductivity.
4. Reduce speed sometimes.

5. Do a electrical conductivity test
6. You can also get Xhorse key reader to saves probes.