Will Autel IM508 Precode VVDI Super Chip XT27?

Question: I would like to ask you if Autel IM508 + XP400 Pro can precode and program Xhorse VVDI super chip XT27? Can you please take the time to explain to me how i can use my tools to program these VVDI super chips.


Super chip NEED TO BE CONVERTED to the required ID before programming. This chip is from Xhorse you need to use Xhorse tool for it, same situation as you buy a xhorse universal key with remote, you need also a vvdi tool to precode. Other tools cannot. Neither Keydiy kd-x2 or Autel KM100 can generate super chips.

Only one exception- xhorse BE/FBS3 key for Mercedes, you can use with other devices (Autel/CGDI etc)

You have to generate your chip with vvdi Mini Key tool/Key tool max then Autel can program it. That is, you generate an ID48 with vvdi and then autel can dedicate it to vw (for example) and program it in the car.