Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus BMW CAS4 Lost Sync Key Code Solution


An error occurred when program CAS4+ key with xhorse vvdi key tool plus. Car not start. How can I recover the BMW CAS4 key code? It’s apparently missing or got lost during upgrade I guess.

“The synchronize code between working key and CAS4+ system was lost!!!
Provide extra power to car battery and check the working key.
If this code was lost, you can perform key learning function with ISN and it will restore this code.”

Cas4+ How Can I Recover The Cas Key Code 1
Cas4+ How Can I Recover The Cas Key Code 2
Just do as software indicated connect an external power supply with vehicle and check working key.
If sync key code is lost, you need to program key with ISN. 
ISN thru obd was wrong had to read direct and it was done got it started and all.

Read DME ISN on table and problem solved. Key works now and starts car.