Xhorse Multi Prog GM ACDelco E98 E39 Asks for 16-digit Password?

How does Xhorse Multi Prog work on GM ACdelco modules? Good/Bad?


Xhorse Multi Prog support following GM Delco ECMs:

Delco E38

Delco E37

Delco E92

Delco E39

Delco E39A

Delco E67

Delco E82

Delco E80

Delco E83B

Delco E78

Delco E98

Xhorse Multi Prog Gm Delco Ecu List

Multi-prog read these ECMs via bench and boot mode.

Our customers have read delco e83, e39, e98. Reading flash no issues on bench.


Boot mode will ask for a 16-digit password (shadow password), multiprog cannot read the password.

For example, when clone Delco E39/E98 ECMs, multi prog asks for 16-digit password. You can read password with obdstar or I/O terminal, then try reading with multiprog to test and confirm.

Xhorse Multi Prog Gm Delco E39 Password 1

Xhorse Multi Prog Gm Delco E98 Password 2