Xhorse Dolphin XP007 Remove Broken Tracing Probe that Stays Stuck

Anyone have any idea how to remove the xhorse dolphin xp007 broken tracing probe that stays stuck in its place?
Dolphin Xp007 Remove The Broken Tracing Probe

These are all possible solutions from Xhorse Dolphin users:

  • You take the screw out and make a stack and take it out.
  • Warm the holder and cool the tip with the set screw removed try a spring-loaded center punch in the hole for the set screw and lever it out.
  •  take the whole cylinder out and then tap it thru the top
  • Put a pin on top of it with a fine drill and you can remove it with a thin-tiped staple by hitting the stove.
  • Strip tracer tower out, and punch it from the rear side. Won’t be a blind hole, worst case, when it’s out, file it flat, drill and tap and pull out with screw
  • Use a 2mm grinder disk and cut a small horizontal groove in it and tease it out with a flat head screwdriver.
  • Use a file on one side to make it a little flat then use pliers to pull it down
  • Remove the Allen and take a all and stick it in the Allen hole and push it down.
  • You have to place a cable from point A on sect 3 of the drill and rewire cable 2 from sec1 into sec2 point of B and that will make it pull out.  some pliers like this and try to get a grip of it
Xhorse engineer solution:
Pull out with a plier. If it is scratched or broken, replace that new one.
NOTE: Always clean your keys before reading them and you don’t have this issue. You have the same probe for over a year now.