Will VVDI Prog Read Range Rover CEM 2006 ?

Question before entering:

Anyone read Range Rover CEM 2006 with the Xhorse Vvdi prog?? I been trying to tread but keep getting can not connect to chip! Any ideas?


Solution from Xhorse expert Mr. Meoded:


CEM should be 2006-2009.
I’ve done it 3 times by Vvdi prog and vvdi2.

vvdiprog reads no problem and vvdi2 can do a key for range rover 2006-2009. It works 100%.


resistor to put while reading:


It is a regular resistor value 10k ohm or 10000 ohm (same thing)

Here’s connection.

That Black wire point is very difficult to solder on!


Look what the diagram (Pic. 1) says,10k ohms which means 10000 ohms. If you put 10ohms but no 10000 ohms, you will fail to read. You need to get bigger enough to test.