How to use VAG OBD Helper and VVDI2 to make VAG IMMO4 key via OBD

When we cannot read immo data from OBD using OBD device, we cannot continue making new keys.

With VAG OBD Helper cable, you can obtain immo data easily via OBD, especially VAG 4th immobilizer system (NEC24C32 NEC24C64, NEC35XX, Johnson MQB A4, A5 etc BCM), both add key and all keys lost.


Here’s the guide to program new dealer key using VAG OBD cable and Xhorse VVDI2. (The cable can be used with other programmers, Lonsdor, SMOK etc as well)


Step 1: Connect VAG OBD cable with vehicle via OBD

Here’s the test equipment, so we disassemble the instrument.


Step 2: Read immo data and engine system information

Open VAG OBD Helper software

Press Read car information


Step 3: Online calculate immo data


Enable network connection and upload data to calculate.


Step 4: Immo data calculated successfully
Save the immo data calculated. The data can be uploaded to other OBD programmers



You can prepare new dealer key and learn key with this immo data in other OBD device.

Press OK will auto open immo data folder


Here we use VVDI2 vag programmer
select VVDI_NEC24C64_IMMO data


Step 5: Connect VVDI2 VAG with vehicle

Open VVDI2 software

Select Key Learn->Key Learn

Auto detect type



Press Immo data prepare key


Press OK to load immo data (support all keys lost data)

Step 6: Load the immo data calculated by VAG OBD helper


Step 7: Choose immo type
Press Next
Use this data to generate dealer key and learn key


Choose dealer key type
Here select Prepare OEM key


If the vehicle state is abnormal, the tampered information or this is no original vehicle key ID in the system,
the data cannot be calculated.

Press Check working key position


Input exist working key to VVDI2. The key position will turn gray once detect success.


Follow VVDI2 prompts to make key until success.

This method can be used for both add key and all keys lost.