Xhorse Mini Key Tool & VVDI Key Tool Max Similarities and Differences

Do you want to know the similarities and differences of Mini Key Tool & Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max?

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Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool v.s. VVDI Key Tool Max

Item VVDI Mini Key Tool VVDI Key Tool Max
Image Mini Key Tool Vvdi Key Tool Max Similarities Differences 01 VVDI KEY MAX
Price US$129.00 US$299.00
Customer rating Mini Key Tool Vvdi Key Tool Max Similarities Differences 03 Mini Key Tool Vvdi Key Tool Max Similarities Differences 04
Weight 240g 0.6KG
Generate Remote and Smart key Yes Yes
Support language English/Chinese/Spanish/French /Hindi/Hebrew/Italian/

Thai/Polish/Portuguese/Korean /Indonesian


Notice: you are required to  get other languages from the local dealer.

Wifi connection Yes Yes
Program and Immo Transponder Yes Yes
Generate Special Transponder Yes Yes
Renew Remote Yes Yes
Generate and Copy Garage Remote Yes Yes
Frequency Detection and Copy remote Yes Yes
Connect to Xhorse Key Cutting Machine (Condor Mini Plus, Condor Dolphin etc)  No Yes
ID48 96bit function Yes

(Free, one token free everyday one year)


(You are required to generate 10 new Xhorse remotes to collect points. Then you can obtain the function automatically.)

Support OBD matching transponder remote/smart card No Yes, by working together with Mini OBD tool.


Recognize and copy Access card (IC copy) No Yes
Work with VVDI Mini OBD No Yes
Support update Yes

(Update through Xhorse upgrade kit or Xhorse APP)


(Update on its own machine)

Immo programming No Yes, must link VVDI Key Tool Max with the extra MINI OBD adapter.


Notice: not all vehicles cover the functions of IC copy and IMMO programming. These functions are determined by the specific vehicle and year.


More detailed information about the Mini Key Tool:



More detailed information about VVDI Key Tool Max: