How to Enable Toyota H chip Activation in Xhorse VVDI2?

Good news!!! (VT-01)Prepare Toyota H chip authorization is available for foreign customers. The authorization is free if you have Xhorse VVDI2 Full version key programmer. You need to pay for the service if you don’t have VVDI2 full.


You can enable yourself , or ask for activation here

How to enable Toyota H chip function in VVDI2:


(Credit to Xhorse Poland distributor.)
1) Connect VVDI2 to PC via USB cable
2) Open Upgrate kit, select VVDI2
and go to System Point
3) Click View My bonus Points
4)Type Login and password for your account on Customer Self Service website
5) Select Activate H
6) Confirm your choice
7) Do firmware update via Upgrate Kit after 20-30min.



How to Enable Toyota H Function on mobile phone?

Use a phone (both Android and IOS ok) to search “Xhorse” in the Google play or APP store.


Download and install “Xhorse” APP.


Bind VVDI2 to APP.


On the first page of Xhorse APP, click on “Shop”, then “Bonus points”, then “Function”, scroll down and select “VVDI2 full generate Toyota H function (VT-01) with 0 Bonus points.





One user has Xhorse VVDI2 full version, and he did everything but failed to get ” generate Toyota H chip”, how to do?



The answer is please download the Xhorse APP, bind VVDI2 to APP, and self-service by following the above procedure.