Does Xhorse Dolphin XP005/XP005L Cut Dimple Keys?

Question: Has anyone ever cut dimple keys on an Xhorse Dolphin XP005 or dolphin XP-005L.


No, Dolphin xp005 and xp005l will not cut dimple keys.  Xhorse Condor II or Dolphin XP007 will do.


Some other frequently asked questions about xhorse key cutting machines and dimple keys:

Q: Does condor mini plus ii cut dimple keys like keso, kaba?

A: Yes it does. Require M5 clamp.


Q: What cutter to use with condor 2 to cut dimple keys?

A: Dimple cutters are optional accessories and are available separately.

Xhorse Dimple Cutter 2

Q: What cutter to cut dimple keys with dolphin xp007?

A: With the original cutter in the xp007 pacakge.

Xhorse Dolphin Xp007 Cutter

Q: Where to get cutters for dimple keys for this machine XP005?

A: No possible with xp005, go for Condor II.


Q:Which xhorse key cutting machine will cut dimple tibbe and barrel keys?

A: Condor II.



Q: Will Xhorse Condor ii customize dimple key?

A: Yes, it will.


Q: Can the Condor XC-Mini Plus II machine copy dimple keys directly and by code… e.g. Abus, Bks, etc.?

A: Yes, it can.



Q: Can the condor ii cut Yale Dimple key like this?

Yele Dimple Key

A: Yes, it will.



Q: Will Condor II cut multi lock dimple keys?

A: Yes, Dolphin XP007 will do as well.

Here is an example with condor ii

Xhorse Condor Mini Plus II Duplicate Mul-T-Lock Dimple Key Tutorial