VVDI Super Chip XT27A Ford ID49 2015+ Key Not Working Solution?


I have vvdi mini Key tool and I use vvdi super chip XT27A with ID49 selected from ID49 Ford USA (They was malesia as well.. i choose USA) generates successfully but car/van doesnt wanna accept chip under programming immo.

Long time aago when i has XT27B and was available i use that chip and work ok but as you know XT27B stop production.

Do you know if XT27A can be generated correctly to work with ford mazda key chip immobiliser id49 hitag pro 2015+ ?


Here is the clue:
You could use an XS smart key and generate the profile for which ford key.

You need and should work also.

You can get the XEB510EN B5 Super Remote with xt27b chip.

Xhorse B5 Super Remote 3