Can I Cut Ford Tibbe Keys with Xhorse Dolphin XP-007?

I have just purchased the xhorse Dolphin xp-007 manual cutting machine. Does the dolphin xp007 do tibbe keys if so does it come with clamp?  I’m looking for help on how to fit and cut Ford Tibbe keys, I can’t find a video on YouTube?
Xhorse Dolphin Xp007 Tibbe Key 1
Xhorse Dolphin Xp007 Tibbe Key

The dolphin xp007 machine does not cut tibbe keys.

If you read descriptions that it has clamp to cut tibbe key, that’s incorrect. 

Xhorse Dolphin Xp007 Tibbe Key 5

Xhorse M3 clamp is made to cut Jaguar and Ford tibbe key blades. It is compatible with automatic key cutting machine Xhorse Condor and Dolphin XP005/XP005L only.
Xhorse M3 Clamp