Xhorse XM38 RAV4 2015 Trunk Button Not Working Solution

Here comes the customer feedback:
Programming spare to a North American 2015 RAV4 (8A keylessgo smart key), key immediately programs for all functions for remote and proximity, but trunk does not function on the xhorse xm38 smart key.

Generate key via this option.
RAV4(14-19) KeylessGo 8A 312.10-314.35

Xhorse Rav4 2015 Xm38

Problem with using Toyota Smart Key Settings for the smart access/smart start.

Use VVDI Smart Key Customization only, change Trunk setting to 0A, if you make the mistake of using Toyota Smart Key Customization, you need to regenerate the Toyota Smart Key protocol. Customize the Trunk button settings, erase keys from the vehicle and reprogram it. If not the remote function will be available but the proximity will not work.

Customize Xhorse King Card 4

Customize Xhorse King Card 5

Hope it helps.