Xhorse MQB JC Asks to Input Optional Byte?


I tried to do MQB48 JCI key with xhorse vvdi key tool plus.  I need help with this what optional bytes on mqb jc. Any advice?

Xhorse Mqb Optional Bytes


Just as the error message said,  this option is only available in cases where the instrument is abnormal after writing new data. such as continuously restarting the instrument and flashing.
Before writing you need to manually input “Optional byte” and click “write”.

If you have this problem, contact xhorse engineer to get optional byte file.




Got it sorted. it’s just extra function that don’t work but if the dash flashes contact Xhorse they send file out ad it fixes it.
I read and write and the dash start flashing but Xhorse support sent file to get it working.