Xhorse VVDIProg Software V5.0.1 Unable to Start on Win10 Solution


Can anybody help me Installing Xhorse VVDI prog 5.01 in my laptop? I never turn off my laptop (windows 10 system), and did reset it about 2 days ago. Today I went to open vvdiprog and keep getting this message, already disabled all the Antivirus and firewalls and nothing, I don’t even have the “allow on this computer” option

Error: Application was unable to start correctly.

Vvdiprog Win10 Application Unable To Start

The message in the right corner says it is Anti-virus and Windows Security/Defender issue .


1 – create a folder for all of your tools
2 – exclude this folder from your Antivirus
3 – extract all zip in this folder (each tool in its folder)
Check detail guide

The solution works other version xhorse vvdi software as well.