Xhorse VVDI2 BMW ISTA++ (ISTAP) Safe Version List by OBD

Part number of CAS3 ISTAP can be done by xhorse vvdi2 via OBD. Out of list will fail by OBD2.

CAS3+ encrypt version: Sometimes we call CAS3++. When the car (not encrypt version) start, CAS will verify key, engine will verify CAS. But for CAS3++ type, engine will verify key in addition. So add key for this type need working key or ISN support. For the above reason, the introduction for CAS3+ is also applicable for CAS3+ encrypt version. Expect write no applicable for CAS3+ encrypt version


ISTAP Version: Strictly, ISTAP belong to CAS3+ encrypt version, the only difference is that we cannot read CAS immodata by OBDII for ISTAP version. Fortunately, we can OBDII read ISTAP CAS immodata by update CAS flash. VVDI2-BMW update ISTAP version flash only need 10 minutes. So the introduction for CAS3 encrypt version also applicable for ISTAP version, expect write not applicable for ISTAP.


ISN: Identification Serial Number, this value use to verify engine with key. 16 bytes


Known CAS3+ encrypt version (not ISTAP) SN: 9226238, 9227053, 9237046, 9237047


Known ISTAP version SN: 9262360, 9262361, 9278745, 9278746, 9287534, 9287535, 9267608, 9267609

CAS ID versions starting with 92 are safe via OBD2. Versions starting with 93 need to be done on bench. 




Lost all key: The car lost all working key, there is big difference from add key with working key. Note: before OBDII communication, you need open emergency lights, press on the brakes for several times to active OBD communication.



Under lost all key for CAS3+ encrypt version (File Make key also have this) get window (PICTURE 5.14) or (PICTURE 5.15):

For CAS3+ encrypt version, lost all key will have a special procedure to make working key (this procedure maybe need load EEPROM dump). By insert temp key to ignition and try start. (PICTURE 5.14) is CAS3+ encrypt version (not ISTAP) window, at most 16 times try start. (PICTURE 5.15) is ISTAP version window, at most 64 times try start

Attention: For ISTAP version, There is a few car can’t find useful combine data after 64 times try start, because the CAS lost some verify data, you need select File Make Key->Known ISN to make working key Attention: If you press “Yes” and get something like “Cannot find useful combine data, please check the EEPROM file”, means the CAS lost some verify data, you need select File Make Key->Known ISN to make working key

Vvdi2 Bmw Cas3 Obd


Under lost all key for CAS3+ encrypt version (File Make key also have this) get window (PICTURE 5.16): In the tile you can find “Try times 5” means this is the fifth try start. If can start, press “YES”,key made successfully. If cannot start, press “NO”, continue next try start For some reason cause not find start combine data after all try, the temp key is locked, you need unlock the key with EEPROM or key info before next time test. Attention: when you get this window, you’d better try with this method: insert temp key to ignition switch, try start, if not start, take key off, then insert to ignition again, try start again, if still not start, take key off ignition and press “No” (In File Make Key you need place temp key in programmer)

Vvdi2 Bmw Cas3 Obd 2

If the CAS++ upgrade progress failed by some reasonS, you can fix it with Menu->CAS Repair->ISTAP4* version OBDII Repair.



  1. For suddenly condition cause CAS enter service mode while update ISTAP flash, select this type to fix (PICTURE 9.1)
  2. You need know CAS ID before continue. You can input the known CAS ID or load EEPROM for automatic search CAS ID
  3. Use the known CAS ID to repair: Before update CAS flash, we ask you to write down the CAS ID. Type CAS ID here and continue. Of course, you can get CAS ID with Connect in (PICTURE 4.1)
  4. Use the CAS EEPROM to repair: If can’t read CAS ID, you need have the CAS EEPROM dump file
  5. Connect VVDI2 to car via OBDII before continue

Vvdi2 Bmw Istap4 Repair

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