Xhorse VVDI Prog Eeprom D160 D80 Reviews

Topic: D160 D080 EEprom with Xhorse VVDI prog programmer. 


Question: Did anyone experience successful operations with the D160 D080 EEprom on VVDI-prog?
Write and erase INC ?


Answer 1:

I was trying yesterday with 080D0WQ and vvdi can work only with new chip. It even

But I worked all Ok in D80 => read and erase (INC) so write ( Without adapter )


Answer 2:

It can read/write fine. Just made a Corsa-D and it also perfectly resets incremental area. Check your soldering or adapter.


Answer 3:

You have to decide how to configure the partitions. If all space is used for eeprom, there is no Dflash! If all space is used as Dflash, there is no eeprom.


Answer 4:

Today I’ve done a 080d0wq using the adapter and worked well..


Answer 5:

I’ve just removed 080DOWQ from corsa D inst cluster and using adapter it read ok, and erase inc worked ok too. Gives status in bottom box saying crack success


Answer 6:

There are several ways to erase D80 or D160.
D80 and D160 can be erased by using the 16 pin IC socket on VVDIprog (selection D80 or D160)
If you select D80 or D160 adapter, you need to have the special M35080/ D80 adapter PCB with DB25 connector.