Xhorse VVDI Prog 95xxx Read Error Chip Not Connect Solution

Here is our suggestion to solve vvdi prog problem reading st 95xxx eeproms.


The problem goes like this:

I have problems read st 95xxx eproms. Have tried 9508. 95128. 95256. 95320.
All soldered to xhorse vvdi prog EPROM adapter.
every single leg is clean, soldered perfectly but not working
reading error, write say ok but all 00
i tried with 12v connected and unconnected. Now difference.

Here is pic. Everytime i solder 95xxx EPROM vvdi prog don’t read. But if i put the same EPROM adapter on my orange 5. It reads it without problem.

Xhorse Vvdi Prog Don't Read 95xxx Eprom 1

Xhorse Vvdi Prog Don't Read 95xxx Eprom 2


No problem with vvdi prog. Need to use the clip adapter and read on board i do fem bdc without any problems. Clean glue off with blade check data a few times if match and done.

Always i don’t solder chip off fem module it could be a disaster if it breaks or overheats. You must find how to turn clip 1st pin and you must clean glue off legs no problem to read then. Without cleaning cant get contact.

use vvdi clip adapter here

Xhorse Eeprom Clip Adapter 5

Xhorse Eeprom Clip Adapter 7

Xhorse Eeprom Clip Adapter 6