Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad Car and Function Bullet Points

Here vvdishop.com collects the function bullet points of the new Xhorse vvdi key tool plus pad.


Car brand bullet points

AKL=All Keys Lost

Renault 4A Smart Card/4A Flip key

(Kadjar, Koleos etc)

OBD Add Key, All Keys Lost, Prepare dealer key Vehicle with 4A chips; No need for reading backup flash; No risk of car dead
Mercedes Benz FBS3 FBS3 Add key/all keys lost, fast password calculation with a high success rate, time saving (use Benz non-removal adapter)
BMW OBD add key/all keys lost CAS1 CAS2 CAS3+ CAS4 CAS4+ FEM BDC (service mode)
VAG IMMO2 IMMO3 IMMO3.5 IMMO4 IMMO5 MQB add key, all keys lost
VAG online IMMO4 add key and AKL, A6 Q7(J518) All Keys Lost, MQB add key and AKL, 5C add key, fast inexpensive, no risk of car dead with VVDI remote
Toyota 8A mechanical key OBD Add key and All keys lost (No need to  remove immo box for AKL. require 8A AKL adapter
Mitsubishi OBD Add key, all keys lost, prepare dealer key Outlander, ASX, Eclipse Cross etc)
Porsche generate dealer key for new Porsche (-2018), OBD IMMO programming (key tool plus read dump and generate key, OBD immo programming)
Peugeot Citroen DS OBD Read Pin, Add key and All keys lost
Ford (-2018) smart key programming without PIN code for-2018 models/key programming
Ford 2019- Key programming without reading PFLASH backups for 2019 up Focus, Escort (safe, no risk.)
Jeep Chrysler Dodge 2018 up Read PIN code and key programming key via OBD
Fiat Viaggio Palio OBD Add key, AKL and prepare dealer key
Buick Chevrolet Cadillac OBD Read PIN Code (ID46 transponder), online get PIN code for some cars with 4D/47 transponders
Hyundai Kia OBD read PIN Code for cars with 46, 47, 8A transponders and program key
Honda 2019 up AKL OBD all keys lost for 10th Generation Accord, Envix, Fit, Inspire
Volvo (-2016) OBD read ISN by OBDII (remote key), require CEM eeprom dump (remote key), require CEM, KVM eeprom dump (smart key)
Chinese Cars Support key programming for common Chinese cars and PIN code calculation or OBD read PIN code for some  models


Function bullet points

Service reset function Oil reset, EPB, TPMS, Throttle reset, injector coding, SAS, transmission adaptation, headlamp, BMS, TEC learn
Cloud diagnosis mode-C Mode C remote diagnosis (No need to purchase extra device. Function under development)
Immo Data Tool Support immo data tool for almost all car models (2015 up Land rover, Porsche, Chinese cars, ) Mitsubishi 46 smart key without key learn
Prog multiple EEPROM type, IMMO, read BMW ISN code without opening ECU etc
Generate remote support remote keys, smart keys, garage remote, Toyota smart key
Remote Online-cloud Recognition auto detect remote type, no manual selection. quick and accurate recognize of your remote.
Remote clone Support remote clone
Generate transponder generate transponders for a wide range of vehicles ID42 ID44 ID46 ID47 ID68 G 8A etc
ID48 96bit cloning copy ID46 96BIT, faster online cloning, need token
46 copy 46 clone, BYD all keys lost, Hyundai Kia PIN code faster calculation
4D cloning support 4D 70 83 cloning, faster calculation
8A cloning copy 8A transponder
8C/11/12/13 copy 8C/11/12/13 transponders
Super chip Generate transponder, direct clone without writing data back with immo data tool function
Renew remote: Unlock/renew lots of OEM remote

Moreover, xhorse key tool plus will release frequently update as other xhorse tools. Update will be free except important updates, i.e FBS4.