Xhorse VVDI BMW V1.5.0 adds BMW 6HP EGS ISN Read

New Update Xhorse VVDI BMW / Get EGS ISN for 6HP E series and more ISN for EDC16 and EDC17 and more others


Free Download VVDI BMW V1.5.0 software




Steps to read 6HP EGS ISN:

Select E/F/G Gearbox-> Read gearbox status-> Read E-6HP ISN



Function description:

1. Read gearbox status:

Support read 8HP/6HP gearbox status, module is brand new or not,.etc

2. Backup Coding: Backup gearbox coding

3. Restore Coding: Restore gearbox coding

4. Clear Gearbox ISN: Support clear 2nd-hand used gearbox all inside information, let this module become as brand new

5. Reset adaption information: Reset gearbox inside adaption information, let it back to original status.