How to Read Mercedes W203 EZS with VVDI Prog Correctly?


Did someone try to read Mercedes w203 ezs by wiring diagram?  I tried many times and fail vvdi prog show diagram from one side.
This is diagram all w203 the same but it’s only one side i saw a video on YouTube wiring in two sides by vvdiprog.

vvdi-prog-w203-wiring-2BENZ-EIS-W203-V1 solution:
You need to compare the picture with your pcb and the mcu number.
If all same then this is your diagram.


You need to solder wires on other side also.
The diagram is correct on vvdi prog.
You need to choose the correct EIS type
W203 after 2003 all comes with w209 eis so don’t mix.

According what type of eeprom you choose
There is more that one w203 eis in vvdi-prog.
At the top rear side and down front side.


check other w203 EIS/EIZ wiring diagrams below:


Benz EIS-W203 1J35D/xJ74Y


Benz EIZ-W203 ST12 1L59W/3L40K/4L40K


Benz EIZ-W203/W211 HC12 0K50E 3K91D


W203 HC08 using EZS adapter