Xhorse VVDI BIMTool Pro Read BMW MSD80 ISN and Change VIN Success

I got a notification about the latest firmware and software 1.8 for the xhorse vvdi bimtool pro and thought I would have a go at getting the ISN read feature to work again. After some messing about it finally worked.


and we’ll see if we can read the isn’s from the dmes on the bench with bim tool pro with the new update.

I’ve actually found a download link from vvdishop.com 

V1.8.0 VVDI BMW Tool software download


i’ve just downloaded and powered up the software.

my original msd80 that hasn’t been bricked yet down the bottom this is the one that i bricked a couple of weeks ago

Vvdi Bimtool Pro Read Bmw Msd80 1

when i was trying out this isn’t read the other day gonna be interested to see if xhorse bim tool will restore it i can restore it with a wing kfp but it’s just an msd 80 that i did just connect it to my original one and i’ve read the data off my original seems to be working

we’ll go through and do the update.

Vvdi Bimtool Pro Read Bmw Msd80 2

Vvdi Bimtool Pro Read Bmw Msd80 3

Go to Update Online- Update device firmware

Vvdi Bimtool Pro Read Bmw Msd80 4

Vvdi Bimtool Pro Read Bmw Msd80 5

The we go to Upgrade Kit to update the driver tool.  it shows me now that we can get 1.8 firmware on there

Select BIMtool2 latest version and update

this is slow all right i’ll bring you guys back for an update once. that’s now booted

and we can close the upgrade kit

and we’ll see should we just restart vvdi bim tool version 1.8


so we’re still connected to the good DME

let’s go exchange ecu cas and read module information

We’ll have to power it on and read module information straightly


We’re now connected to the bricked dme let’s see if we can read this module information

Vvdi Bimtool Pro Read Bmw Msd80 6

okay it’s read the vin but the software and hardware are blank and that’s because this is one of the ones that we bricked

let’s see what happens when we go read ecu isn now

Vvdi Bimtool Pro Read Bmw Msd80 7

it wants me to reauthorize because it’s been over a month since i’ve had this software

We go Synchronize device time-  Online synchronize

It says remaining time 30 days okay

Let’s read ecu isn

it would have raised the flash get to about 18 or 19

then it would die it would die during the erasing of the flash

it’s failed

Vvdi Bimtool Pro Read Bmw Msd80 9

Vvdi Bimtool Pro Read Bmw Msd80 10

i went down i’ve been going through settings and i ended up slowing down the communication speed between the vvdi and the ecu and now it’s programming part one


then it writes the uif information

checksum calculation

checking signature

so i think it’s verifying the flash

Vvdi Bimtool Pro Read Bmw Msd80 11

Vvdi Bimtool Pro Read Bmw Msd80 12

signature okay so let’s see what it does for upload part two reading is success

enter programming session it’s going to be interesting to see if it regenerates the software versions

amazing it’s actually worked

all right i’ll let that go through again


part of the write process

it has read the isn but we’ve still got no software version or data version

We read ecu read module information again

Vvdi Bimtool Pro Read Bmw Msd80 13

It’s back so we now have the data version the software version


i wonder if that dme will work


yeah i’m just going to try while we’re here now xhorse bim tool pro can update the vin number so let’s just see if it

Vvdi Bimtool Pro Read Bmw Msd80 14

Vvdi Bimtool Pro Read Bmw Msd80 15

it will actually let us update the vin number.  We’re going to change the last digit of the number to six and we’ll just see what it does writing data success

what it updated the vin that quickly

Vvdi Bimtool Pro Read Bmw Msd80 16

so if you were doing a dme swap with this you could Let you can update the isn on the CAS module and then change the VIN number on the new dme to match the cars

That makes sense to match the cars and then you just have to write this isn number to the cars module and we have done a CAS  isn update which we did on my car so this sort of works

Vvdi Bimtool Pro Read Bmw Msd80 17

i change programming speed and click that to one where it was three by default

but three would make an error one worked.

vvdi bim tool let me know things i can try and test well i’ve got modules to brick and not worry about too much.