Xhorse VVDI 2 vs. BMW Multi Tool key programmer

Both Xhorse VVDI 2 commander and bmw multi tool support key programming for BMW CAS and EWS system. Which one should you take?


The difference is –

VVDI2 v1.1.9 covers all functions of BMW Multi Tool v7.7

VVDI2 full kit = VVDI, VVDI 5th IMMO Adapter, BMW Multi Tool & CAS Plus for BMW Multi Tool

Comparison table in details:



1- BMW multi tool only supports parts of systems and functions above, while BMW VVDI2 covers all above!

2- xhorse VVDI2 BWM can support CAS4+ if pay for the CAS4+ authorization,but BMW MULTI TOOL can not.

3 – About EEPROM dump way,it needs to remove the dashboard,use VVDI prog to read the data,then use VVDI2 BMW or Multi tool to make new keys.