Xhorse Condor/Dolphin Modify Key Function

Xhorse Condor/Dolphin XP005 key cutting machines have built-in Modify key (Modify Common Key) function that many people did not notify.


When do you need this feature?

Let’s say you’re on a job, and you’re out of blank you need. You know you have keys larger and just wish that your machine could mill down one to the size you need.

It is a feature that is BUILT-IN in Condor/Dolphin!


How to use this feature?

Click ‘Cut by Bitting’. Top right button ‘Modify key’. You can search or look through their info.

Xhorse Dolphin Modify Common Key
A Dolphin user┬ájust tested out a KLR key. These aren’t made available yet and the only source has been eday. It just milled down a DAT17 to KLR specs! It’s ready to be cut now! This might only be for high security keys, but it’s something!

This can be done with so much more! And you could even mill down flip keys to something you need! It’s a reason you may want to stock a micrometer with metric next to your key machine.


This feature is available on both new and old Condor or dolphins.