Where to buy Xhorse tools? eBay or www.vvdishop.com?

One common question arises among VVDI users ” vvdi where to buy better on eBay or official website http://www.vvdishop.com/ and what’s the difference? how much have I watched the same prices.


I think it is better When you get your own Dealer (wholesale company), and you get all possible equipment from them. Maybe it is a bit expensive Than buying from other sources, but you have a big advantage When you have guarantee issues. Usually I do it on this Way, but I don’t care how they solve my problem, my task ends with bringing the toy back to them. If the tool is too cheap, or your Dealer don’t sell it, then you can get it from the manufacturer, if possible pay it with PayPal. PP protects your money, if you have any kind of trouble (not getting anything or false ware, or God knows), then they are ready tó pay your money back.
If you want to buy something from Aliexpress, you can do it (pay with PP!), Ae cares for your money, you won’t be f***ed by the sellers.

I hope I could help


One question: is vvdishop.com an official or unofficial dealer?

The way to judge if the VVDI seller is official or unofficial: certificate, software/firmware update, users’ reviews. etc.


  1. certificate

vvdishop is the authorized dealer of Xhorse Tech.



  1. Firmware / software upgrade

After entering this dealer’s website, you will notice almost all VVDI tools are able to update (writing on the description page and sharing the mega download link).


  1. VVDI users’ reviews

Xhorse reviews are most trustable, especially if users give reviews on the most reliable forum digital-kaos.co.uk forum, search “vvdishop” you will know the answer.




Hope it helps.