VVDI2 Full was Stolen, Do I need to Buy a New One?


My vvdi2 full was stolen do i need to order another one full?
Can you make special price for me.
I have vvdi bmw and vvdi prog as well.




If you can confirm the stolen vvdi2 is yours, you don’t need to buy another vvdi2 full.

(For example,

1. ) If you have other vvdi tools, you can post combination screenshot with all S/N on Xhorse app to us to confirm

2) Provide your dealer with your vvdi2 order number & S/N to confirm).

You only need to buy vvdi2 basic version ($529.00) and transfer stolen vvdi2 all authorizations to your new vvdi2 basic version.

These full authorization license can be used for life time.

Then the stolen vvdi2 will be locked and no longer available to use.